About Us

The best way to describe our firm is to say that we specialize in the Great-Health industry!  We work for those who make our health great again!  Most of our clients are Herbalists, Organic Farms/Growers, Farmers Markets, Non-Allopathic Doctors, NDs, Functional Medicine Clinics, Chiropractors, and Natural Animal Care Businesses.  We have a passion for clean food, community, and holistic healthcare for all!

We free you up to give all of your attention to your customers and patients while we operate as your back office.  You may not need a full-time staff accountant – or even a part-time bookkeeper, but you still need your bills paid and your books done!  We can manage all of these tasks for you!  You may not want a crowded office, but you may need a diverse staff to handle paperwork – we can show you how! Or you may just want to skip all the AI stuff and have your patients and customers actually speak to a human being when they call you.  We provide your customers with your standards of customer care!

When you tell us about your business, we can tell you about how our services bring you peace of mind, organization, and the ability to focus on your business.  We offer something very special for each of the industries listed above.  But you have to ask us to find out what we offer your particular Great-Health industry!

No matter what industry you serve – we’re here to serve you! 

Monthly Accounting & Compliance – give us all your paperwork deadlines!
Telephone and Customer Service, including Patient Interviews and Bill Resolution!
Virtual Back Office – 1099’s, Bill Pay, Purchasing, and clerical need your office has!
Payroll, Employee Benefits, Retirement, and Time Tracking - all managed for you!

Dana Waldrop
Founder and Managing Member of 4ES LLC